The elixir for life, restorative and welcoming; being cocooned within a luxurious, warm, snuggly, wrap; the softest, silkiest feeling - caring, protective and sensuous; a bees' wax candle, glowing in the dim light; a reminder of life - enduring and precious; a necklace of amber beads, complete with prehistoric organisms deep within, reflecting the circle of life, continuous and to be treasured, always.
  • Honey Coloured Mull Jacket Honey Coloured Mull Jacket A box cut version of our ever popular Long Mull range, the Mull is style and verve embodied.
  • Honey Coloured Wallace Shawl Honey Coloured Wallace Shawl Natural Linen and Silk mix used to stunning effect in the ever versatile Wallace shawl. One size fits all and can be worn in any number of styles.