The lining of the clouds with the sun about to burst forth; water droplets glinting in a shaft of sunlight; reflections of the moon on the calm sea; the bright sharpness of light on polished metal; one's best canteen of cutlery, freshly polished with its cool highlights catching one's eye; an old mirror, with the backing starting to come away - how many people has it seen looking into its depths? And who were they?
  • Charcoal Jura Hat Charcoal Jura Hat Soft Merino wool 'bobble' style hat. One size fits most. Shown here folded back into a beanie.
  • Oxford Jura Shawl Oxford Jura Shawl Our elegant Jura Shawl is so easy to wear and will complement any outfit. Tiny flecks of black and silver enrich our classic Oxford Grey colourway.

    Carefully crafted from soft Merino Wool, our flattering Jura Shawl will complement any outfit, keeping you warm as well as stylish. To help you make

  • Pewter Alto Top Pewter Alto Top Lightweight pure linen, pullover style, with long sleeves, using simple but bold styling to create a lovely striking top.
  • Silver Mull Cape Silver Mull Cape With an Oxford Grey and Ecru melange, throughout the body, our Silver Mull Cape features an ecru Celtic design on a deep border, with an Oxford Grey background, echoed in the roll over neck.

    Beautifully soft and sumptuous, knitted for you in Merino Wool. If you are interested in certain colours

  • Silver Mull Jacket Silver Mull Jacket A box cut version of our ever popular Long Mull range, the Mull is style and verve embodied.
  • Slate Coloured Stole Slate Coloured Stole Wool and linen mix and fully reversible so you really have two garments in one! The effect is a warmer weight that we usually work with, lots of bounce and life in the fabric so autumn rather than deep winter!