Half-time at the netball or hockey match - the zingy, unmistakable aroma of imminent satisfaction starts your taste buds doing overtime long before you cast your eyes on the juicy, glinting, mouth-watering flesh; ice lollies to cool you on those hot, sultry English summer afternoons; a tall glass of chilled freshly squeezed orange juice; the pulsating vibrant sunset, at its most intense.
  • Orange Jura Hat Orange Jura Hat Soft Merino wool 'bobble' style hat. One size fits most. Shown here folded back into a beanie.
  • Tangerine Cape Tangerine Cape A stylish and elegant shawl that can transform the simplest of outfits.
  • Tangerine Sally Dress Tangerine Sally Dress A lovely shape that kicks out at the hem. This beautiful pure linen dress can be worn over jeans, trousers, or with heels and tights.
  • Tangerine Shell Top Tangerine Shell Top Soft cool pure linen yarn, the rich texture gives a dressy but very comfortable sleeveless top that works well with the jackets in the range.