Unless otherwise stated in the item description, all of our garments will machine wash up to 30 degrees on a normal cycle. You can use a delicate or hand wash setting if you have them. They will normally spin dry gently as part of the cycle but do not tumble dry them as this uses too much heat.



When mostly dry lay them on the ironing table and press them flat with the iron, use steam as the dry iron will not have much effect.



When you are pressing them you can change the shape a bit, flare the hem or pull the body to narrow it at the waist. They will generally stay as you press them until you wash again. Put a new crease on the lapels or other styling features wherever you like.



Some of our customers like to hand wash our garments which is fine, simply follow the steps as below for the Orkney jacket.



If a garment has been in storage for a while give it a steam-press just to freshen it up before wearing it.



Special Instructions


Bill Baber Knitwear Orkney Jacket The Orkney which is an all linen style, is a loose structure fabric so best to wash it by hand. Squeeze warm soapy water through it in a basin, rinse it and then dry it flat. When you have it dry, press it flat with a steam iron. Use the steam to restore the crease for the plaquettes, and to flatten down the edges.




If you have any questions then simply give us a call or drop us an email and we will try our best to help.