Celtic Tunics Berry Brora Ladies Jacket Long Sleeve Linen Tops Lightweight Linen Alto Tops
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Something to get you started...

  • Coal Coloured Harris Jacket Coal Coloured Harris Jacket A wonderful contemporary colour group the charcoal greys and dusty blacks sit fantastically well in almost any colour group. Throw in some hot colours like Urchin or Sunset and make a really bold statement.
  • Spring Sally Dress Spring Sally Dress A lovely shape that kicks out at the hem. This beautiful pure linen dress can be worn over jeans, trousers, or with heels and tights.
  • Bronze Coloured Wallace Shawl Bronze Coloured Wallace Shawl Natural Linen and Silk mix used to stunning effect in the ever versatile Wallace shawl. One size fits all and can be worn in any number of styles.
  • Ocean Thistle Ocean Thistle Lightweight pure linen 'poncho' shaped knit.